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Important Features of Turkish Cotton

The cotton plant produces a delicate, fluffy essential fiber known as cotton. Cotton is a versatile material that comes in various types and grades. Products that are frequently purchased include clothing, toiletries, and bedding. Long-fiber cotton, which has the best quality, should be used.

The term “Turkish Cotton” has undoubtedly come up frequently for you, especially when hunting for peshtemals or bath towels. Turkish cotton has been used for centuries to make towels, bed sheets, and duvet covers.

Brief History of Turkish Cotton

For thousands of years, cotton has been a necessary export and foundational element of Turkish culture. Turkey has been the country of production since at least 400 A.D. Turkey is the perfect location for growing cotton due to its mild climate and rich soil.

What we now call “Turkish cotton” was used by locals to make fabrics for clothes, rugs, and various other products as early as the 7th century. It has been demonstrated to be an essential item for their society and a pillar of their culture. Turkey is currently the source of 40% of the organic cotton produced worldwide, making it a dominant market.

Important Features of Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is the best fabric if your towels and robes feel soft and smell good. The thick, absorbent luxury bath linens will make you feel clean and fresh.


Turkish cotton features extra-long fibers, contributing to smoother, sturdier cotton threads. Turkish cotton towels are soft, fluffy, and progressively more absorbent after each wash. Long cotton fibers get softer and more absorbent after washing and prolonged use.

Quality The best cotton available worldwide comes from Turkey. It is a fluffy, all-natural product with extra-long fibers. There are many distinct uses for cotton. Turkish towels, for instance, are made of cotton. Turkish cotton has extra-long fibers that make towels stronger, softer, and longer-lasting.

What Makes Turkish Cotton Special

Turkish Cotton Bedding

Turkish cotton provides luxurious comfort that does not stop in the shower. Turkish cotton with long fibers creates bedding with a beautiful, cloudlike appearance and feel. Your bedding will look airy and light, begging to be snuggled, thanks to the layers of premium, long-staple Turkish cotton used in comforters and shams.

Turkish Cotton Bath Mats

You want something comfortable and soft underfoot regarding bath mats and rugs. Turkish cotton bath mats provide that feeling while also drying rapidly enough to prevent you from stepping out onto a damp carpet or a wet floor.

Turkish Cotton Robes

Due to its reduced weight, Turkish cotton is the perfect material for cozy year-round robes. They are light enough to wear comfortably on a warm day and soft enough to wick moisture away from your skin quickly.

Get lost in a super-plush Turkish Cotton Robe, whether you want to wrap yourself in one straight after getting out of the shower or lay around while drinking your morning coffee.

Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish cotton towels are the best option when spending money on a high-quality towel. They are comfortable and durable, and you do not have to dry them all day.

Where to Shop for Turkish Cotton Products?

Soft Touch Corp. presents a wide selection of luxurious Turkish cotton bedding for any taste. The high-quality fibers are woven to provide a soft, long-lasting fabric that resists pilling and fading.

Our Turkish cotton towels are crafted from excellent Turkish cotton that is 100% long-staple and is available in a range of weights to suit your needs and preferences.

Here, you will find new technology-made towels, robes, and other hospitality items that are incredibly soft, long-lasting, and quick to dry. We are utilizing private labeling and individualization based on your choices.

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