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DU is utterly addictive and

Top Of The Line – Swiss Formulation - Hypoallergenic - Biodegradable and Eco-friendly tubes and bottles!

Stylish, Sleek & Modern

•    100% biodegradable bottles

•    Sealed or refillable bottle options

•    Secured with locking mechanism

•    Strong product shaping  

•    Large 13.52 fl. oz.   

•    Fully customizable colors and labelling

•    Single, double, or triple brackets with different color options

From the first scent of crisp orange and lemon to the romantic notes of tea, lily of the valley, and Musk, DU® is utterly addictive and luxurious.

customize it!

Fully customizable, bottles, labels, and brackets


DU® Fragrance

Top note: Orange and Lemon
Middle note: Tea, Lily of The Valley
Base note: Musk

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