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Soft Touch®  Hotel Shower Dispensers. Fully customizable, Eco-Friendly.

ECO NATURE® Dispensers come in a variety of styles. They can be continually topped off with refillable bulk bath gel, lotion, shampoo or conditioner or some models use individual, replaceable, sealed cartridges. Each cartridge lasts about a month, replacing more than 220 amenity bottles. The carbon footprint from individual bottles is greater than that of dispensers. We can work with you to design your special shower dispenser. Our Shower Dispensers are available in numerous shapes, styles and colors to choose from, to make them fit in easily with your hotel bathroom theme. 

Stylish, Sleek & Modern
•    100% biodegradable bottles
•    Sealed or refillable bottle options
•    Secured with locking mechanism
•    Strong product shaping  
•    Large 14.08 fl. oz.   
•    Fully customizable colors and labelling
•    Single, double, or triple brackets with different color options

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Green Tea Guest Toiletries / Green, Antioxidant, Exotic!


Why is Green Tea in Skin Care?
Significant amounts of research have established that Green Tea,
has many intriguing health benefits, including antiaging.


What are the benefits of Green Tea?
"Polyphenols" are the active ingredients in green tea and possess antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties.


What about Green Tea for anti-aging benefits?
Most researchers agree that Green Tea has potent anti-inflammatory properties
and that it is a potent antioxidant whether consumed orally or applied topically.


A line of exceptional value, the subtle fragrance and beneficial properties
® Ceylan Green Tea will delight your guests, women and men.

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ECO Dispensers Installation Video

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