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 Soft Touch® is a Eco-Friendly company.  Looking after the welfare of your customers is our top priority, but it is also important for us to make quality articles and products which have a minimum impact on environment. In sync with the hospitality industry we are strongly conscious of the impact we have on the environment and the growing eco-consciousness of guests. Our Toiletries & Amenities are produced with recycled bottles & tubes and are biodegradable to ensure the best possible solution to create eco-friendly products. Towels made from organic or sustainably harvested natural fibers come from rapidly renewable resources grown using methods that do not pose environmental harm to ecosystems, wildlife, or humans.


Concern for the environment is deeply rooted in our business philosophy. We actively engage in recycling efforts to minimize any impact on the environment. None of our products are tested on animals and no animal ingredients are used in our formulations.



. Biodegradable and Eco-labeled tubes and bottles.
. 100% recyclable bottles.
. Bottles feature contemporary aesthetics and ease of use.
. Large easy-to-open bottle opening provides effortless access to the products.
. Bar soap packaging features a touch of luxury with an artisan style frosted parchment.
. Multilingual labeling accommodates the international traveler.


. Bar soaps are 100% vegetable based

. Asthma & Allergy Certified Formulation
. All soaps and liquids are 100% bio-degradable
. No silicone oils and no formaldehyde
. Free Paraben family
. Cruelty-free – never been tested on animals
. High quality level due to same standard as retail level
. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients

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EcoPure® is an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade* through a series of chemical and biological processes in a landfill disposal environment.

How does EcoPure work?
EcoPure® accelerates the biodegradation of treated plastics
in microbe-rich environments. Plastics treated with
EcoPure® have unlimited shelf life and are completely
non-toxic. Bio-Tec discovered an organic compound within
crude oil that is burned out during the cracking process
that is synthesized with nutrients and then grafted onto
to the plastic polymer chain. Adding EcoPure® to a petroleum
based resin attracts microbes to the product allowing
them to control their PH level and become quorum
sensing and colonize on the surface of the plastic. Once
the microbes have colonized on the plastic they secrete
acids that break down the polymer chain. Microbes utilize
the carbon backbone of the polymer chain as an energy
source. The difference between EcoPure® treated plastic
and traditional plastic is that EcoPure® creates an opportunity
for microbes to utilize plastic as food.



Soft Touch Corporation has the experience and expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of your product every time. Each of our facilities is registered 
with the EU and FDA Administrations.
Strict adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).
Fully-equipped and certified microbiological laboratories.
Expert quality analysts to review data & control production status.

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AsthmaAllergy Denmark

About The Blue Label

The Blue Label is an international allergy label based on expert knowledge that helps you make an active choice in relation to skin allergy.

The international allergy label The Blue Label is well-known amongst Nordic consumers. The label was founded in Denmark in the 1980s by the patient association Asthma-Allergy Denmark. A patient association that works towards making everyday life easier for people with allergies, hay fever, asthma and eczema.



OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products (at all stages of production) tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

Is Oeko-Tex 100 Safe?

Developed in the 1990s by the International Oeko-Tex Association, the Standard 100 is the most well-known and trusted certification for product safety. It is granted to articles tested free of high levels of over 100 toxic substances.



Fair trade is an arrangement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. The fair trade movement combines the payment of higher prices to exporters with improved social and environmental standards.

Why Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry Is Important?


Our natural environment not only provides our guests with a stunning setting but also the food served in our restaurants, the air they breathe, and the water they drink. By cutting back on expenses and waste, sustainability helps us save money. Additionally, it puts us ahead of business competitors that may not care about "green" initiatives regarding social responsibility. However, there is another crucial reason why hotels and the hospitality industry should embrace sustainability.


Everybody should be aware of the common theme that can be found in the fields of foods and beverages, travel and tourism, and hotels and hospitality. By using sustainable best practices in maintenance, services, and supply chains, an eco-friendly hotel strives to minimize its adverse environmental effects. Some examples of possible actions are utilizing ecologically friendly items and aiming toward zero-waste generation.


How to Make Your Hotel Embrace Sustainability?


The capacity to recycle and reuse is one of the simplest ways to get started, and it's the one feature that environmentally responsible people value the most. Unfortunately, having to put a Soda can in the garbage is the worst possible situation for a hotel guest who loves recycling.


Additionally, initiatives for reusing towels, mattresses, and toiletries demonstrate to guests your commitment to conserving resources like water and energy. Of course, saving these resources reduces costs.


Your guests will also benefit from using organic materials while enjoying their stay at your hotel. You may feel secure knowing exactly what your guests are exposed to every day without using pesticides and other chemicals. Most of what we hear indicates that people are becoming more aware of holistic, environmentally friendly procedures, and we welcome that.



Ideas for Sustainability Practices for your Hotels


Hotels are encouraged to use eco-friendly towels, robes, mattresses, pillows, and pillowcases.

This could be the most crucial step that affects both the sustainability of hotels and our environment.


Suppliers of luxurious and environmentally sustainable hotel supplies are essential for your hotels and resorts. Soft Touch is one of the best and most promising hospitality supply companies.


Our primary focus is ensuring that your guests are taken care of, but it is also vital for us to provide high-quality resources without negative environmental influences. We are fully aware of our impact on the environment and the rising level of guest eco-consciousness, in line with the hospitality industry. To ensure the most outstanding solution for producing environmentally friendly products. For example, our toiletries and amenities are made from recycled bottles and tubes and are biodegradable. The natural fibers used to make organic or sustainably harvested towels are produced using rapidly renewable resources that do not affect ecosystems, wildlife, or people.


Soft Touch provides biodegradable and eco-labeled tubes and bottles with an aesthetic touch and is easy to use. The bar soap packaging features a touch of luxury with an artisan-style frosted parchment. And its formulation is 100% vegetable-based and paraben-free. It is with pride that Soft Touch's soaps and liquid formulations are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, safe to use, and harmless to the environment.


Soft Touch Corporation has the experience and expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of your product every time. We are always available in providing customized products with your desired colors and sizes.

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