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Pamper Your Guests with the Oversized Finest Soft Touch® Turkish Towels

Providing the right towels at appropriate times goes a long way in boosting your customer service and improving guests' experience. If you are looking to offer your guests quality towels during their stay, then reach out to us at We provide all kinds of eco-friendly, customized top-quality towels for hospitality use. Contact us today for a quick delivery of the best hospitality towels.

luxurious extra soft, Turkish towels


Towels are measured in units known as GSM (grams per square meter). This is the towel’s density of fabric. Towels lower in GSM are lighter, thinner and usually less expensive because they tend to wear down more quickly.  These towels are good for gym bags or travel. Towels higher in GSM are of superior quality; the kind you find in world-class hotels and spas. These are much more expensive, but often worth the price because they will last many, many years. Keep in mind that the quality of your towels is important because you will use them every single day and you may use the same one for years.  This is why a good quality towel is a must. Why not make your shower ritual more satisfying?

Long Staple Cottons 

Turkish cotton is long staple–also known as long fiber–cotton. Long staple fiber is narrower in diameter, which means more threads can fit into the cloth per square inch.

Softness and Sheen 

Turkish cotton is extremely soft, making it a favorite in the textile industry when softness is needed, such as for bathrobes, and it possesses a natural sheen that cannot be matched by other cottons without a lot of processing.


Turkish cotton is well-suited for shirting and sheets because of its super absorbency, and it is better for towels because too much absorbency means that a towel takes a long time to dry and towels that are too absorbent can become wet in humid climates by themselves.

Care Suggestions 

Turkish cotton is best washed in warm water using half the amount of a gentle detergent recommended. Fabric softener will actually decrease the absorbency of the towel, so avoid using fabric softener.


Absorbency of the towel is one of the most important factors when selecting a towel. A good bath towel is one that is very thick, soft and absorbent–one that dries you completely when you step out of the bathtub or shower.

What affects absorbency?

Each cotton towel is composed of loops within the weave. These loops in the fabric allow the towel to absorb water. The number of loops determines the drying ability. So, more loops mean higher absorbency. And towels made with loops of thick yarns are more absorbent. How the loop is twisted also affects absorbency. “Zero twist” towels are very soft to the touch. “Soft twist” towels are more durable than “zero twist” towels.

White Cotton Fabric

5 essential types of towels in the hospitality industry 

Below are the must-have towels in the hospitality industry and their uses;


Washcloths are used to apply soap to the entire body. Many guests prefer to use wash towels instead of hands because it spreads the soap evenly across the body. They are compact and often come in square shapes. Offering guests this towel type will provide a convenient bathing experience.  

Hand towels  

Guests use hand towels to dry their faces and hands after bathing. So, it’s critical to always have hygienic, high-quality hand towels in the bathrooms for guests to use.  

Bath towels

Bath towels are necessary to help guests dry off after a shower. They are made of cotton, so they absorb moisture quickly to keep guests dry immediately they step out of the shower.  

Bath mats

Bath mats provide an anti-slip surface for guests to step on after bathing. They absorb excess water to keep the room dry, clean and hygienic. They are therefore, a must-have in hotel rooms, and washrooms.  

Pool towels 

Pool towels are useful to help guests dry themselves after leaving the pool. Other than soaking in moisture, they protect the body by preventing skin irritation. They are larger than wash towels or hand towels to provide extra comfort. They also help with sunbathing as guests can wrap them around their bodies while they lie in the sun. 

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Luxurious, Soft Checkered Collection Guest Room Towels

Checkered Border.03.jpg
Rolled up towel on lounge chair by luxury outdoor pool to the background of palm trees and

Luxurious Resort Pool Towels

Brand identity starts with our custom products. We produced products that can provide customization options to meet specific client needs.

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Customize Your Towels

Soft Touch® is a custom manufacturer providing a one-stop solution to all the small and large-scale hotel brands for their customization needs. 

As private label manufacturer in the industry that has the expertise to take product from the earliest conceptual stages through design and development, packaging and production. Providing custom sizes and artworks to meet your needs.

soft touch cabana pool towels

Soft Touch luxurious resort cabana pool towels are great option for your guests. At the pool or beach, your guest will enjoy our large and soft pool towels. Our 100% Cotton Pool Towels made to last.

SoftTouch.Pool Towels_edited.jpg

Pick your Color and Size, Make It Unique!


makeup towels

SOFT TOUCH® Makeup Towels Soft  & Absorbent.

Makeup Towel helps keeping your white room towels makeup stain-free!

100% natural Turkish Cotton. Oeko-tex and ISO 9001 certified, no harmful chemicals were used on any materials during the manufacturing process.

13”X13” Made with 20/2 long stable luxurious & SOFT ring-spun Turkish cotton

A makeup towel is a small, absorbent cloth used to remove makeup from the face. Makeup towels are usually made of cotton or another porous material, and they are often treated with an antibacterial agent to help keep the skin clean.

To use a makeup towel, wet the towel with warm water and gently wipe it over the face to remove the makeup. Makeup towels can be used with or without cleaning products. However, if you are using a makeup towel with a cleanser, rinse the towel thoroughly before using it on your face.

Makeup towels are an easy and convenient way to remove makeup, and they can be used on all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid using a makeup towel altogether and opt for a cleansing cloth or cotton pad instead.

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