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Soft Touch® is a private label manufacturer in the industry that has the expertise to take product from the earliest conceptual stages through design and development, packaging and production. We develop, design, manufacture, and market Luxurious Hospitality Products to sustain the integrity of its products. With this mission, Soft Touch® holds a leadership position as indicated by high customer satisfaction on the following areas:

- High Quality Customized Products
- Quick Response to Customers' Needs
- Flexible Manufacturing Options
- On-time Delivery
- Experienced and Efficient Team
- Fully Controlled Supply Chain Activities 

We will satisfy our business partnerships through:

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Innovation

  • Cost

  • Sustainability

  • Commitment


Soft Touch Linen® trademark of Soft Touch Corporation is an Eco-Friendly manufacturer and distributor of;
-High-End, Natural, and Organic Turkish Cotton Products, including Towels, Bathrobes, Slippers and Linen
-Luxury Hotel Shower Dispensers, Toiletries and Room Accessories
-Custom Hospitality Mattresses
-Custom Hotel Furniture

Our mission is to become a manufacturer and supplier for hospitality industry that moves forward with the latest technology, keeps up with the innovations and applies them instantly, with the belief that quality has no limits, to raise the bar each and every day and create value for our clients

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At Soft Touch®, our values are the foundation of our employee and company culture. Soft Touch Corporation invests in people and protects its workers rights in full according to the laws. They define the manner in which we do business, engage our customers and conduct our work and processes



Effectiveness and Efficiency

White Cotton Fabric


  • Custom Hotel Room Amenities

  • Hotel Shower Dispensers

  • Custom Made Mattresses 

  • Dobby / Jacquard Production

  • Solid dyed / Yarn dyed / Printed options

  • Terry / Velour / Silk / Waffle pique

  • Embroidered products

Textile Industry
Thread Spools

Custom Manufacturing

Soft Touch Corp.  is private label manufacturer in the industry that has the expertise to take product from the earliest conceptual stages through design and development, packaging and production. Providing custom sizes and designs to meet your needs.
Jacquard Logo Towel or Pool Chair Cover
Embroidered Bathrobes, Slippers, towels, sheets or duvets

Private Label products to extend your brand
Washable RFID Chips Track Hotel Towels, linens, Bathrobes and more.

Soft Touch® offers high-quality hotel supplies. From bathroom supplies to housekeeping products. Our knowledge is in place to suit your needs globally. For your hotel, resort, and spa needs, Soft Touch is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of luxurious and environmentally sustainable hospitality supplies. We are dedicated to providing excellent hospitality supplies at the most competitive prices, enabling our clients to gain while preserving the environment.


We specialize in providing luxury hotels with guest comforts, and some of the best hotels in the world are among our clients. Our client portfolio is impressive and diverse, ranging from well-known establishments to groups of smaller, upscale Hotels and Resorts and specific elite spas and resorts. Our clients take great pleasure in our excellent services, and they have met the ideal supplier in Hotel Supplies who understands their values. In addition, we take pride in offering premium and luxurious hotel linens, including towels, bathrobes, slippers, and bathroom amenities, as well as Eco-Friendly shower dispensers and pillows made of natural and organic cotton.


The capacity to develop and produce a product exclusively for you is one of the aspects of the business that we are most proud of. Our skills in designing products specifically for you in the sizes and colors you desire, establishing private labels, and offering exceptional designs for luxury hotels. With thoroughly controlled supply chain activities, our knowledgeable and experienced team promises prompt and effective customer service and product delivery from our facility to your establishments. In addition, we developed our eco-friendly amenities lines and biodegradable pouches to meet the demand expressly.


Soft Touch Linen®, a trademark of Soft Touch Corp., is a private label manufacturer in the Hospitality Industry committed to maintaining a leadership position to bring customer satisfaction to meet customers' demands and expectations. We have built a solid name in the market for dependable service through years of experience and quality service. We have a base of happy clients who frequently use our services. But we strive to go beyond that and above your expectations, no matter your hospitality needs.


Distribution Centers

USA, California & Florida

Europe & Middle East  

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