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Hotel Staff with Towels

Provide the Best for Your Guests

Luxury Hospitality Supplies


Rolled hotel towels

Pamper Your Guests with our finest towels! Soft Touch® towels are extremely soft, making it a favorite in the hospitality industry when softness and durability is needed. Customization and private labeling options are available.


Body Conscious

Reward Your Guests with the Finest Soft Touch® Bathrobes. We offer variety of colors and fabric types. Customization, monogramming and private labeling options are available.


Spa Time

Slippers are one of the most important amenities provided in hotels.

Our slippers are made from the finest selection of different types of fabrics and they are fully customizable. 


Cleaning Hotel Room

Soft Touch® Providing high quality hospitality linens included but not limited to;

  • Hotel Sheets

  • Pillows: Feather Pillow, Down Alternative Pillow, Foam Pillow, Hypoallergenic Pillow and more.



Soft Touch® Dispensers

Fully customizable and eco-friendly.

Choose from variety of options and configurations. Soft Touch hotel shower dispensers and bulk gallon liquids, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Gels, Lotion, Hand Soap. Each dispenser holds soap, shampoo, lotion, shower gel or conditioner in its large containers 



 Increase Your Brand Visibility by customizing with our pens and pencils. Reach out to more potential guests, customers and draw attention. The guests will remember your hotel even more if you gift them a branded item. They will reward your hotel by recognizing your customized hotel products. Your guests will always remember you!


Soft Touch® is an Eco-Friendly manufacturer and distributor of Luxury Hotel Supplies, included but not limited to; Luxury Hotel Towels, Luxury Hotel Linens, Luxury Hotel Bathrobes, Luxury Hotel Slippers, Luxury Room Accessories, Luxury Custom Bathroom Amenities & Dispensers, Customized Hospitality Mattresses and high-end Natural and Organic cotton products. Soft Touch Linen® trademark of Soft Touch Corp. is a private label manufacturer in the industry that has the expertise to take product from the earliest conceptual stages through design and development, packaging and production. We develop, design, manufacture and market high-end Luxury Hotel Products. With this mission, we maintain leadership position by maintaining customer satisfaction as measured by our customers’ expectations for the following:
-High Quality Customized Products
-Private Label products to extend your brand
-Quick Response to Customers' Needs
-Flexible Manufacturing Options
-On-time Delivery
-Experienced and Efficient Team
-Fully Controlled Supply Chain Activities 
-Washable RFID Chips Track Hotel Towels, Bathrobes and Sheets



Poker Chips

Indian Casino & Resorts




THIS IS A MUST, MUST PRODUCT! Please secure these for yourself! I discovered this at the Welk Resort in Escondido , California which carried several of these signature SOFT TOUCH products as part of their welcoming toiletries. The swiss formulation of the BODY LOTION speaks for itself. It's a luxurious and yet a very light cream. A few drops goes a long way. The hand lotion has a tiny bit of invigorating fragrance that lifts the spirit. And the fragrance is utterly delightful. I have Lupus and so I have sensitivities to many aromas along with an ongoing need throughout the year to keep my skin and hands hydrated. And this product hits all my needs and more!!
As a working professional I travel to many countries and have stayed at many of the best hotels and resorts . A work benefit which exposes me to many different products. These SOFT TOUCH products rank as the VERY BEST! I implore other hotels , resorts and spas to carry these products.
The Hair Conditioner, ...well you can only imagine. My hair never felt so soft or smelled better . And I was told the same by others.
Please dont waste your time looking for a signature scent. Here's yet another recommendation. Use the hand lotion on some of your pulse points ...inner wrists, ...ankles.. a dab behind the ears...even a dab around the cleavage. All those little areas you want a light and delightful scent.

THANK YOU SOFT TOUCH for helping capture what's really needed in the market. For simplifying my spa and beauty needs and bringing me your GoTo Products.


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