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Why Choose the Best Covers for Your Pool Lounge Chairs?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Giving luxury and comfort to your guests is just some of the goals of the hospitality industry, especially in hotels and resorts.

When choosing a cover for your lounge chairs, you will want to consider the material, the size of the cover, durability and its function to give comfort. Lounge chair covers protect your chair and serve to be towels for your guests. The lounge chair covers have a luxurious touch made of Turkish cotton, ideal for your hotel, pool, or beach resort. It is important that your lounge chair covers are clean, absorbent, and can quickly dry the guest after bathing in the pool or beach while relaxing.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than exposed skin clinging to an open lounge chair. Soft Touch custom lounge chair covers protect bare skin and provide a luxuriously comfortable experience for guests. After experiencing the luxury that velour or terry cloth lounge chair covers offer, it is impossible to return to an uncovered lounge chair. An elasticized pullover of the pool lounge chair covers helps them adjust to the chair’s shape. They’re one-size-fits-all and can go on almost any lounge chair in your hotel or resort.

Even at a swimming pool or spa, they lend a layer of luxury to any lounge chair. The unique hood top keeps it in place even if you sit, stand, move, or turn over to tan evenly. This ensures that the lounge chair is kept nice and clean while you remain dry and comfortable. It’s also more appealing than wrapping your body in towels to keep it from drying on the chair. Because the covers are so easy to place and remove.

How do you care for covers?

Most lounge chair covers are machine washable, making them simple to maintain. Cool to warm water is recommended for machine washing your lounge chair covers. However, chair covers of the same color should be washed together to avoid dye running. Good quality cotton will remain incredibly smooth and silky wash after wash. Sunscreens, tanning creams, and other chemicals can stain or discolor your terry cloth. If washed or dried with clothes, zippers, buttons, and clips may catch on cotton loops.

How often should you replace your covers?

It would be best to replace your pool lounge chair covers every few months to ensure they are still in good condition. You may also want to replace your covers to avoid damage and be in the trend of lounge chair covers every season.

Where Can I Buy The Best Pool Lounge Chair Covers?

There are a few beneficial uses for lounge chair covers at hotels and resorts. First, you can buy a cover for each lounge chair and customize it with the size and color you choose. This will make your pool lounge chairs look more appealing and coordinated.

Soft Touch’s commitment to perfection will help you make the most of your outdoor space or poolside with a personalized lounge chair cover that’s tailored to your guests’ needs. With Soft Touch Hospitality Supplies, you can pamper your guests with the oversized, finest Soft Touch pool lounge chair covers made with top-quality material, you can add your private labeling to the covers to make them unique.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about the best quality lounge chair covers for your hotel and resort!

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