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Why Choose an Eco -friendly Hotel Shower Dispensers?

Luxuries are an integral aspect of a guest’s experience in the hospitality industry. Amenities are seen as extra benefits for a guest on a broad scale. Personal care goods such as shampoo, conditioner, dental kits, and shower caps are common in inns and hotel facilities.

Personal care amenities are being developed into dispensers due to new advancements in the hotel business.

There are numerous advantages to incorporating green technology and sustainable practices into your hotel. For starters, adopting sustainable hotel amenities will not only highlight your hotel’s green profile and environmental stance (which is also a great way to brand your property! ), but it will also attract well-informed clients. The initial outlay may be higher initially, but the advantages will more than offset the costs over time. Choosing green, in other words, not only appeals to guests but also benefits your hotel in the years ahead.

Eco friendly Hotel dispensers

Eco-friendly hotels use water-saving techniques and, in many cases, fewer chemicals to treat water systems and clean their facilities. Low-flow faucets, shower dispensers, toiletries, and other fixtures are among the efforts, including the now-standard linen and towel reuse programs diverting into eco-friendly hotel supplies.

Soft Touch is a well-known hospitality supplies provider that promotes eco-friendly hospitality supplies that are best for your guests and good for our environment with luxury brands used in world-class accommodations. By choosing the eco-design method, we offer sustainable solutions to hoteliers and guide them through their eco-friendly transition.


When it comes to luxurious shower dispensers for hotels and resorts, ECO NATURE Dispensers is one of its pride. With a vast range of designs, sizes, and solutions, we’ve envisioned possibilities to match your demands.

Some types feature single, replaceable, sealed cartridges that can be topped with a refillable bulk bath gel, moisturizer, shampoo, or conditioner. Each cartridge will last roughly a month and replace around 220 amenity bottles. Individual bottles produce a higher carbon impact than dispensers. It is a product that is both innovative and environmentally friendly. This dispenser is not only eco-friendly, refillable, and traceable but also a clean, safe, efficient, and easy option with a low environmental impact.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products

Using eco-friendly materials would help you in:

  • lessen your environmental impact

  • improve the image of your company

  • save money over the product or service’s lifetime

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Anti-microbial

Business Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products

  • It will attract lenders and investors who adhere to environmental or ethical standards.

  • When deciding who to order from, certain larger firms and public sector organizations with sustainable procurement policies may look at how you manage your environmental and social consequences or satisfy particular sustainability requirements.

  • It also boosts your company’s reputation among employees, customers, and the general public for “doing the right thing for the environment.”

The ECO NATURE Dispensers can be customized with your selected sizes and features, as well as private labeling for your company’s benefit. You can reach out to us at to learn more about the product.

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