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What Makes Soft Touch Luxury Hotel Slippers The Smart Choice For Your Hotels?

Gives extra care and attention to each detail.

Whether you’re in the hospitality business or not, it is essential to keep up with what guests want. After all, their experiences rely on how good products meet expectations when they stay at your establishment, so any extra care and attention pays off. People have been leaving reviews online where there are people who comment about which brand has made them feel most welcome during their stays. You need to look no further than those opinions if you want your company’s reputation to precede itself. And that’s what we do at Soft Touch.

Wrap your feet in a cloud of happiness.

Trying to slip into a pair of Soft Touch hotel slippers sends a clear message that you value comfort. There is no more lavish indulgence for tired feet than these soft padded, additional foam-lined insoles, slip-resistant soles, and snug fit around the arch.

They perfectly absorb water and sweat and are made of our flawlessly woven terrycloth, basic waffle, microfiber, or micro terry fabrics. Our slippers are very lightweight and always ready to wrap your feet in a cloud of happiness.


The extraordinary durability of Soft Touch products is one of the key features that set them apart from the competition. We know that robes, towels, and slippers are subjected to numerous washing, withstanding detergents, and high heat repeatedly, all of which contribute to material degradation.

As a result, we produce all of our materials in-house, allowing us to monitor every aspect of production to provide the most durable product possible.

Customization and private labeling are available.

When it comes to customized intricate designs, this is certainly relevant. If you operate an on-location or online business, having your logo on your items gives you a competitive advantage in terms of brand promotion. When guests love their slippers and robes, they typically want to take one of each home with them at the end of their stay. This is a lovely memento of how they feel satisfied at your luxury hotel.

Looking for a little something extra to pamper your guests? Check out our selection of luxury hotel slippers! Our slippers. are durable, eco-friendly, extra thick, and absorbent to give your guests a five-star luxury treatment. Our prices are unbeatable. For more information and to order your custom made hotel slippers along with our other sumptuous products, please contact us.

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