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How Do Luxury Hotels Keep Their Bathrobes Clean?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

When getting into the many ways to learn how to care for your bathrobes, the first important choice you must make is to invest in high-quality bathrobes that will last longer. Bathrobes are essential in a luxury hotel because they provide both comfort and convenience to guests. Bathrobes make it easy for guests to get ready for their day or evening without worrying about getting dressed. They also help keep guests warm after a shower or bath.

Luxury hotels take great care to ensure that their bathrobes are clean and fresh for each guest. Bathrobes are typically washed after each use and may also be ironed or steamed to remove any wrinkles. Some luxury hotels even offer monogrammed bathrobes for their guests.

Here are some of the ways they keep them looking and feeling like new:

  • After each use, they wash them. If you shift between robes made of lighter and heavier fabrics between seasons, wash them before storing them. This guarantees that they are bacteria-free and clear of dirt.

  • Keep them in good condition when not in use. Bathrobes are usually kept in a cool, dry location to avoid mildewing or becoming musty. Keeping your robes on a hanger will ensure they retain the garment’s quality, regardless of the type of cloth you’re dealing with.

  • You must provide have a wide range of sizes and styles. This allows guests to select the ideal robe for their comfort and style. Care instructions are included on labels for a reason: to ensure your guests get the most out of your robes.

Can You Keep a Hotel Bathrobe?

Most hotels provide a variety of amenities, including bathrobes, for guests to use during their stay. Hotel bathrobes and spa robes are known for being soft and comfortable, especially at luxury hotels and resorts.

The ethics of taking hotel robes are a popular topic of discussion. Some people believe it is absolutely fine and harmless, while others believe it is stealing. Bathrobes should, for the most part, be left. This is because many hotels will wash them for the next visitor. However, a monogrammed robe may be offered at luxury hotels as a gift.

You can speak to the front desk to double-check whether something is complimentary. But, unfortunately, the cost of replacing lost robes could soon drive the hotel out of business, or at the very least, require them to change their prices as if everyone got a robe.

The Coziest Hotel Bathrobes

Your hotel guests may relax in the soothing embrace of the plushest hotel bathrobes from Soft Touch at any time, no matter where they are using them. Because our bathrobes are of the finest quality, you won’t have to look far for long-lasting bathrobes.

Our bathrobes are also created from the best Turkish cotton, silk, and microfiber, making them super-absorbent, soft, and luxurious for ultimate comfort. In addition, we’ll customize them to your preferences, adding the perfect colors, logos, and other details to make your bathrobes exceptional. We also provide a selection of high-quality slippers to go with your bathrobe for your luxury hotels and resorts.

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